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White Collar Crime: Core Concepts for Consultants and Expert Witnesses

Author: Debra K. Thompson, CPA, CFF, CFE
Randall Wolverton, CPA, CFF
Publisher: AICPA
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In a perfect world, a fraud investigation follows a methodical process. This publication equips you to deal with a fraud investigation in the real world by following a flexible approach and relying on the authors’ valuable fraud investigation and FBI forensics experience in dealing with the prosecution of white-collar criminals.

Most small and to mid-sized entities and non-profits do not have all of the resources or knowledge necessary to manage a fraud investigation. When these organizations need to conduct and pursue complex investigative processes in a clear and concise manner, the practical issues covered in this book can make the difference in the outcome.

Presented in a user-friendly manner, covering core concepts and decisions that determine the outcome of a fraud investigation, this book provides you with the knowledge you need before the investigation begins and it shows you how to conduct solid interviews that can withstand legal challenge. In addition, it covers:

  • An overview of the “perfect” fraud investigation
  • Practical differences between a “perfect” investigation and real investigation
  • Gathering useful information quickly
  • Quickly assessing the pertinent facts – fraud triage
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Understanding prosecution/defense tactics
  • Identifying fraudster assets
  • Antifraud tactics
  • Fraud prevention and detection measures
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