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Don't Spend $20,000 For A Marketing Company To Tell You To Start Telemarketing For New Clients

Don't Start A Call Center At Your Accounting Firm For Telemarketing

"Ugh" What A Head Ache

After You Pay The Sales Reps, Telemarketers, And The Money You Spent On The Seminar You've Spent Almost $75,000 to $100,000

New Clients Here

TAP Telemarketing Is The Accountant's Telemarketer

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Energize your marketing program and attract small business clients that will:

  • Realize hourly fees of $200 - $300 per hour
  • Earn higher profit margins (50% - 70%, not 25% - 40%)
  • Utilize inbound marketing for lead generation (avoid cold calling)
  • Develop a niche to improve the quality of your clientele
  • Outsource the marketing and lead generation

Learn how to update your marketing system and avoid cold call telemarketing.  Learn how other CPA’s are acquiring $80k - $125k annually, operating at higher profit margins while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Request our FREE accounting marketing information kit or call 888-999-9800 x1. 

FREE CPE Webinars – 1 CPE credit per – Visit our marketing webinar schedule

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Available in print and electronic versions. Personalized customization available. Call Client's Tax & Financial Update: (800) 255-1615; or visit:

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High-quality outsourcing services at low prices, Accounting/Bookkeeping (QuickBooks), Financial Analysis and Preparation of Financial Statements. We service CPA firms with guaranteed satisfaction. Free Trial!


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We can help you grow your practice. Online and offline marketing services for CPAs. Please visit
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In 1996, CPA Troy Patton's struggling new firm took off and grew to over $6,000,000 in annual revenue in six years. He has now joined the company responsible for that growth, NCI New Clients, Inc. Our most successful client ever will teach you how to:
- Use NCI's guaranteed marketing approach covering internet, website, appointment setting and email marketing techniques
- Practice management - Troy oversaw an 11 office practice with 80 employees
- Add financial planning - half of Troy's $6,000,000 firm was financial services
- Target small to medium sized business clients - the backbone of the US economy
- Sell your practice when the time comes and avoid costly mistakes

Call 1-888-New Clients (1-888-639-2543)
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"As we just concluded our first full year, I am pleased to let you know that we achieved our goal of generating $200,000 in revenue from high-quality clients." ~Kent, CPA, Las Vegas, Jan. 2007
Frank Salman, CPA
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