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Business/Professional Services
ASMR Consulting LLC

Property taxes excessive?  I’ve been successfully appealing property tax assessments for almost 15 years
on a contingent fee basis. Annual business property reports also filed. Reasonable rates. Arizona CPA. Visit: or call John at: (480) 204-1289.

Classified Ads | Business/Professional Services
Grow Your Business By Cutting Your Clients' Taxes
Imagine filling your office with satisfied clients, happy to pay premium fees for your advice, and eager to refer you to friends and family.

Surveys reveal what clients want most is proactive solutions to their problems.

TaxCoach gives your clients a proactive solution for their biggest problem of all — their income tax bill. Now you can give them what they really want. (Savings!)

FREE Report - "7 Secrets to Year Round Revenue"

Go to – to learn more

Call -  513/321-2820 to discuss your business development needs.
Classified Ads | Business/Professional Services

American Medical Software is actively seeking CPA professionals to work with health care organizations, medical practices and individual doctors.  AMS offers excellent profit margins as a Value Added Reseller or through our Referral Commission Program.

Classified Ads | Business/Professional Services
Stand-alone software, create unlimited companies and employees for $249.00. No monthly fees. Handles after-the-fact payroll.

Free Trial online

CheckMark Payroll Services

Leave it to our specialists to run your payroll or your client’s payroll at affordable prices! 100% Accuracy guaranteed. Contact us for a Free Quote!

Contact us at or 800-444-9922.

Classified Ads | Computers/Software

Business Valuation Software streamlines business analysis, valuation and financial modeling with MoneySoft's knowledge-rich software systems.

Call: (800) 966-7797 for details.

Classified Ads | Computers/Software
Financial Services
ELB Consulting, Inc.
Because this is all we do...
Classified Ads | Financial Services
Need a handy free calculator for all those spinoffs your tax clients had? Visit for free calculators and more. Check our database first before you pay a fee for corporate reorg information.
Classified Ads | Internet/Online

Don't Spend $20,000 For A Marketing Company To Tell You To Start Telemarketing For New Clients

Don't Start A Call Center At Your Accounting Firm For Telemarketing

"Ugh" What A Head Ache

After You Pay The Sales Reps, Telemarketers, And The Money You Spent On The Seminar You've Spent Almost $75,000 to $100,000

New Clients Here

TAP Telemarketing Is The Accountant's Telemarketer

Classified Ads | Marketing

Energize your marketing program and attract small business clients that will:

  • Realize hourly fees of $200 - $300 per hour
  • Earn higher profit margins (50% - 70%, not 25% - 40%)
  • Utilize inbound marketing for lead generation (avoid cold calling)
  • Develop a niche to improve the quality of your clientele
  • Outsource the marketing and lead generation

Learn how to update your marketing system and avoid cold call telemarketing.  Learn how other CPA’s are acquiring $80k - $125k annually, operating at higher profit margins while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Request our FREE accounting marketing information kit or call 888-999-9800 x1. 

FREE CPE Webinars – 1 CPE credit per – Visit our marketing webinar schedule

Classified Ads | Marketing

Available in print and electronic versions. Personalized customization available. Call Client's Tax & Financial Update: (800) 255-1615; or visit:

Classified Ads | Marketing
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