Increase Productivity During the Tax Season With GoToAssist Express

Save money and deliver better value to your clients.

March 20, 2008
Sponsored by GoToAssist Express

Every tax season is the same: busy. In the hectic months ahead, every accountant wishes they had tools to accomplish more in less time. With clients scattered across cities and states, it’s impossible to meet everyone face-to-face.

You end up prioritizing clients when they have a crisis, and undoubtedly one client will have to wait while you support another. As a result, customer service suffers dramatically.

Increase your efficiency and you’ll save money and deliver better value to your clients. That’s why we’re excited to announce the brand new GoToAssist Express — the affordable, easy-to-use remote-support tool that allows you to view and control your clients’ computers without driving to their offices. You can easily review data, make adjustments, perform maintenance and resolve problems in real time — even if they are away from their computers.

And for a limited time, AICPA members can preview GoToAssist Express Beta FREE!

GoToAssist Express makes support easy for you and your clients:

  • Reduce travel time and lower support costs
  • Work more efficiently
  • Respond to more clients in less time
  • Amaze clients by delivering fast and effective remote support
  • Improve client satisfaction and first-time call resolution

Imagine the possibilities: Accessing your clients’ PCs after business hours so you don’t disrupt their work day. Having extra time to expand your services to strategic business consulting or simply going home for dinner. Preview GoToAssist Express Beta FREE today and find out how you can do all this and more.

GoToAssist is an award-winning market leader in the remote-support industry. That’s why it’s so exciting to have the new GoToAssist Express designed for consultants and small businesses. During your FREE preview, you’ll enjoy a host of features, including:

Screen Sharing and Remote Control: Once customers connect and permit screen sharing, you can view their desktops remotely and take control, just as if you were sitting at their computer. Solve problems faster and create happier customers.

Easy Setup: You can start using the product immediately. Setup takes just a few mouse clicks.

One-Click Session Entry: Eliminate wasted time and frustration by starting remote-support sessions in seconds. You and your customers can begin troubleshooting right away.

Multiple Sessions: Increase productivity by supporting up to eight customers at a time — great for managing multiple technical tasks like running virus scans and updating software.

Unattended Support: Work on an unattended computer as if you were physically present at a client PC. Finish up jobs after hours or provide routine maintenance and product updates without having your client’s work interrupted.

Mac Support: Provide live and unattended remote support to both PC and Mac customers. (You must run the support session from a PC.)

File Transfer: Instantly exchange files, folders or a combination of files and folders with your customers.

Built-in Security: SSL and AES encryption using 128-bit keys protects data stream, chat and keyboard/mouse input. End-to-end user authentication provides extra layers of protection. Customer permission is required for screen sharing and remote control. GoToAssist Express provides the same level of security as online banking, so end-user data is protected and session transmissions are secure.

This tax season, work more efficiently, take on more clients and improve your responsiveness with GoToAssist Express. Preview the full-featured GoToAssist Express Beta FREE today!