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The Inside Track to Careers in Accounting

Author: Stan Ross and James Carberry
Publisher: AICPA
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With CPAs more in demand than ever, it’s no secret that accounting is a hot career path. While it’s true that a background in accounting and a CPA certification can open the door to hundreds of opportunities, how do you decide which path is best for you?
The Inside Track to Careers in Accounting is designed to help new accounting professionals and students interested in accounting expand their understanding of what CPAs do and navigate the numerous opportunities that are available.  This book  focuses on careers in

  • Public accounting
  • Corporate accounting
  • Government accounting
  • Nonprofit accounting
  • Academics
  • Starting your own business as a sole practitioner

Detailed job descriptions, typical salary ranges and career trajectories, plus invaluable background information, history, and personal insights are provided for each career path. In addition, the book includes interviews with more than 50 CPAs from every corner of the profession who share their insights on career choices, succeeding as a CPA, and the future of the profession. The companion CD contains full transcripts of each interview.

Covering everything from basic descriptions of what accounting is, to selecting an accounting program and suggested course work, to applying for and finding that first job, authors Stan Ross and James Carberry provide you with the information you need to get on the inside track to a rewarding career in accounting.
Paperback , 2010
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