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Cutting Your Client's Tax Bill: Individual Tax Planning Tips and Strategies

Author/Moderator: Bill Bischoff, CPA, MBA
Publisher: AICPA
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Make sure your clients are protecting themselves from the onslaught of higher taxes. Get the latest techniques for building and conserving wealth through proactive tax-planning and investment strategies. Completely updated for tax law changes, this CPE course will bring you up-to-date on the latest strategies that will keep more money in the hands of your clients and make you look like a hero!

Topics Discussed:

  • Maximizing Tax Benefits for Sales of Capital Gain Assets and Real Property
  • Planning for Employer Stock Options, Employer Stock Held in Retirement Accounts and Restricted Stock
  • Roth IRA Conversions, Withdrawals, and Retirement Planning
  • Roth IRA Estate Planning
  • Maximizing Tax Benefits for Personal Residence Transactions
  • Tax Planning Opportunities with Vacation Homes, Timeshares, and Co-Ownership Arrangements
  • Tax Planning for Marital Splits and Married Same-Sex Couples
  • Self Employed Planning to Reduce Social Security and Medicare Taxes
  • Self Employed Health Benefits Strategies
  • Tax-Wise College Financing for Middle-Class Clients
  • Tax-Smart College Financing Maneuvers for High-Income Clients and Procrastinators

Learning Objectives:
When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine when selling capital assets, business assets, and real estate are to a client’s advantage
  • Apply like-kind exchange rules under Section 1031
  • Identify ways to advise clients on how to minimize taxes on employer stock options and employer stock held in qualified retirement plan accounts
  • Differentiate between incentive stock options (ISOs) and nonqualified stock options (NQSOs)
  • Analyze the pros and cons of converting to a Roth IRA
  • Identify estate tax planning techniques using Roth IRAs
  • Determine ways to help clients obtain maximum tax savings from vacation home and timeshare properties
  • Differentiate between the rules for “regular” vacation homes, timeshares, and co-ownership deals
  • Determine appropriate federal income tax advice for clients who are separated, divorcing, or divorced
  • Recall ways to help middle-class clients identify college financing tax breaks
  • Identify tax-saving college financing maneuvers for higher-income clients who are ineligible for the well-known education tax breaks
  • Identify strategies of husband-wife businesses that will reduce Social Security and Medicare taxes
  • Identify strategies for how parents can employ their children through their closely held business

Who Will Benefit?
CPAs looking for innovative tax planning techniques to help clients reduce their tax burden

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Individual Income Taxation

Advanced Preparation: None

Note: for the full course, Cutting Your Client’s Tax Bill: Individual Tax Planning Tips and Strategies, choose the Text format and receive 8 CPE credits toward the “Taxes” Field of Study. Choose the On-Demand format for one module of this course content Tax-Smart College Financing Maneuvers for High Income Clients and Procrastinators and receive 1 CPE credit toward the “Taxes” Field of Study.

NASBA Field of Study: Taxes
Level: Intermediate
Recommended CPE Credit: Text - 16.5; On-Demand - 1
Cutting Your Client's Tax Bill: Individual Tax Planning Tips and Strategies
Text , 2015
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