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Interactive Tax Checklists

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Discover a Tool that Can Simplify Your Tax Season! The Interactive Tax Checklists combines the trusted content of AICPA's Tax Checklists with a digital environment to promote efficiency and firm collaboration. You'll be able to interact with the trusted content—no need to copy and save for every client; log on and access your checklists from any trusted Internet connection; and share access to checklists within your firm.

With this solution firms can develop a more efficient checklist process, saving time while supporting gold standards in client service.

Features this tool provides:

  • Ability to release interim updates, or versions
    • Updates to checklists can be done throughout the year without interruption to your current work
  • Logic-driven Content
    • Integrated logic to present only relevant questions—never sift through pages of "n/a" again
  • Firm Collaboration
    • Firms have their own environment for sharing content
    • Tools to facilitate checklist review, completion of in-process documents, inserting comments and notes, and tracking engagement progress
  • Paperless Efficiencies
    • Online access to checklist—no file searching
    • Roll forward client information, comments, and engagements
    • Continuous access throughout year for client setup and staff training before busy season
    • Anytime PDF export for offline review and client work papers
  • Checklists:
    • Partnership Tax Return (1065) – Full and mini checklist available
    • C Corporation Tax Return (1120) – Full and mini checklist available
    • S Corporation Tax Return (1120S) – Full and mini checklist available
    • Employee Benefit Plans (5500)
    • U.S. Estate Tax Return (706)
    • U.S. Gift Tax Return (709)
    • Tax Exempt Organization (990)
    • Individual Tax Return (1040) – Full, short and mini checklist available
    • Estate and Trust Income Tax Return (1041)
    • State Individual
    • State Corporation
  • Direct links to useful guidance
  • Key IRS Publications
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