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Life Cycle Planning for the CPA Practice: Practical Strategies and Forms

Author: Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, JD
Publisher: AICPA
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As a CPA you have considerable business, tax, and planning expertise. You have the wherewithal to evaluate and finalize a significant range of decisions before retaining an attorney to reduce those decisions to formal agreements. But the consequences can be considerable and costly. Whether you are starting your first solo practice, retiring, or somewhere between, this book will provide you the resources you need to really "hash out" the details of all your major practice decisions and go to your lawyer with clear instructions on exactly what documents you need and what they should contain. In each chapter of the book you’ll get a sense of the issues surrounding a specific practice milestone such as leasing or buying office space, merging with another practice, promoting staff to partner, or winding down, to name a few. 

Companion CD-ROM

The companion CD-ROM provides over 700 pages of indexed, searchable, annotated sample forms and checklists. By reviewing the appropriate chapter and then following the checklists you and your colleagues can comprehensively "work out" the details of your next practice milestone and instruct your attorney in a way that will allow for efficient drafting of exactly the right documents to protect your interests.

About the Author

Martin Shenkman, CPA, MBA, JD, an attorney in private practice, is author of thirty-two books and more than seven hundred articles. He is quoted in the financial media, and has appeared on The Today Show, CNBC, CNN-FN, and others.

Praise for Life Cycle Planning for the CPA Practice

“When it comes to business planning too many accountants are like the shoemaker whose own children went barefoot because he was too busy making shoes for everyone else. We spend our lives advising clients on how to plan their businesses, but we don’t apply that advice to ourselves. This book takes away any excuse we ever had for practicing without a plan.  Martin Shenkman is a brilliant practitioner. He has done an outstanding job of thinking through the issues from every angle and gathering all the information and sample forms we need to plan, structure and document our own businesses with the same care and attention to detail that we counsel for our clients.”

— Sidney Kess,practicing CPA and nationally renowned accounting industry expert, lecturer and author.

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Life Cycle Planning for the CPA Practice: Practical Strategies and Forms
Paperback 2007
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