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Experienced business appraisers choose ValuSource Pro for four reasons:

  1. They have all the benefits of working with Excel spreadsheets and Word report templates through ValuSource Pro’s customizable 100% Excel and Word functionality without the time and trouble of maintaining and updating them.
  2. They can rely on ValuSource Pro’s unsurpassed support for the input, modification and benchmarking of subject company financials and the decisions made during the valuation process, allowing them to focus on the crucial decisions of the valuation, not the number crunching.
  3. They have one-click support for importing data to their valuation from the leading valuation databases.
  4. They can automate their valuation practice with ValuSource Pro even while retaining their own unique approaches to special situations and specific industries.


By greatly reducing the burden of creating and maintaining complex spreadsheets and written reports, ValuSource Pro lets you focus on the high-level thinking necessary for a thorough and accurate valuation. It frees you to apply your valuation expertise, giving you more time to focus on the crucial decisions of the engagement.

Built entirely on Microsoft® Excel and Word, ValuSource Pro is not a 'black box' analysis package. Instead, all of your financial statements, adjustments, assumptions, and calculations are available and changeable.

Move between ValuSource Pro and Excel with the click of a button – see and change formulas and formatting as your engagement and practice standards require. ValuSource Pro will automatically annualize your partial year financial data – and provides you the ability to make adjustments, add and classify accounts and sub-accounts for a more accurate replication of the subject company's financial statements as well as for developing a more accurate benefit stream.

Whether you’re doing litigation support, buy/sell analysis, or IRS compliance, ValuSource Pro has everything you need: complete support for all the standard valuation methods, with room for adding your own custom methods; comprehensive financial analysis, with easy access to indispensable data; thorough testing of your conclusion of value; and optional automatic report generation using the Business Valuation Report Writer.

The 200+ pages of analysis cover the following areas:

  • Financial Statement Input and Adjustments (Including Partial Period Annualization)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Valuation (18 methods) Including Asset, Income and Market Approaches
  • Conclusion of Value
  • Custom Analysis (i.e. Add Your Own Analysis/Spreadsheets)
  • Sanity-Check
  • Integrated Valuation Databases

One-click access to data from leading valuation databases makes it fast and easy to include that data in your report. ValuSource Pro's optional database BIZCOMPS® is at your fingertips inside the analysis process. No cut and paste, no copying—just click to select the data you need, and ValuSource Pro incorporates it directly into your analysis.

Get More Time for Analysis with Our Optional Report Writer Save additional time with ValuSource Pro’s optional Report Writer – see a draft report in minutes, not just boilerplate, but a standards-based report with the appropriate text and data (numbers, tables and charts from your valuation through our “smart” template), all reflecting the standard of care you brought to the valuation, and the decisions you made throughout the valuation process. Click on the “Download Sample Report” button above to see for yourself.

ValuSource will provide a 10% rebate directly to FVS Section members who purchase ValuSource’s Software Programs (ValuSource Pro, Express Business Valuation, Business Valuation Report Writer). For rebate questions, please call 719.548.4900. Find out more information on the Forensic and Valuation Services Member Section.

"I have been doing business valuation for over ten years and use ValuSource Pro extensively for all my engagements. The program does everything I need and much more. It's professional, comprehensive and comes with great support from ValuSource. The new report writer for ValuSource Pro is fantastic and saves me an incredible amount of time. I highly recommend ValuSource's valuation software to anyone doing business valuations."

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