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Accounting Changes: Chronicles of Convergence, Crisis, and Complexity in Financial Reporting

Author: Robert H. Herz, Former FASB Chairman
Publisher: AICPA
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Bob Herz, a leader on the forefront of financial reporting during a time of unprecedented challenges, has provided a thought-provoking analysis of major accounting and reporting issues and developments in the U.S. and global capital markets.

In his new book Accounting Changes, the former FASB Chairman chronicles his remarkable journey through almost 40 years in the accounting profession, from his early days as an articled clerk and auditor at Price Waterhouse in England through his many roles at C&L, PwC and in the profession, to his time as one of the original members of the International Accounting Standards Board, and through his 8 years chairing the FASB.

As FASB Chairman, he led a concerted effort to improve and simplify both standards and processes, and to pursue a convergence of U.S. and international standards. Accounting Changes focuses on his unique perspective on major reporting issues and on key activities of the FASB during his chairmanship.

His tenure at the FASB and recent induction into the Accounting Hall of Fame is testament to the fact that Bob Herz has had a long and extraordinary record of service to the accounting profession, the capital markets, and the public interest.

"Almost 40 years in the accounting profession ... has afforded me many opportunities to grow as a professional and person and instilled in me a deep belief in the importance of sound reporting to the proper functioning of capital markets and the economy. Moreover, it has also convinced me that what you measure and report matters—that it affects behavior, actions, and outcomes—and therefore, that it is critical that we measure and report on those things that do matter, in corporate reporting and beyond" –Bob Herz

Paperback , 2013
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