Pathway to CGMA

To obtain the CGMA designation through the AICPA, CPAs must pass the CGMA exam, meet the experience requirements and be a member of AICPA.

The CGMA exam is an integrated, comprehensive strategic case study that assesses the competencies required in today’s business environment. Candidates are required to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to a real-world scenario in order to demonstrate their ability to guide business decisions.

CGMA Exam Review Course

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CGMA Exam - Case Study Guide
CGMA Exam - Case Study Guide

This guide provides an understanding of the CGMA exam. It provides guidance, and tools to analyze the pre-seen material for the exam to prepare, as well as a detailed walk-through of the actual exam scenarios and tasks.

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CGMA Learning Program: Strategic Management Accounting

The CGMA designation elevates the profession of management accounting and showcases your value around the world. This comprehensive learning program provides you with the technical knowledge required for the CGMA exam, as well as providing you with more than 50 hours of CPE related to strategic management accounting.

The Strategy Development and Implementation track provides you with the framework for developing strategy, gives you the tools to implement that strategy, and equips you to handle the change required for implementation.

The Corporate Financial Strategy track equips you with the tools and learning needed to measure, report, evaluate, and manage the organization’s financial performance.

The Governance and Risk Management track provides you with the key considerations in internal control, information technology, corporate governance, foreign currency, interest rates, and capital investments.

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CGMA designation holders qualify for special discounts on select products. For information on other available benefits, visit

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Your competitive advantage means knowing what's ahead. From in-depth reports to practical tools, sharpen your knowledge with CGMA Resources.

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